Our Tempranillo Wins Provenance Trophy

Thank you judges at the 2023 QLD Wine Awards for recognising excellence in winemaking, and a huge congratulations to our winemaker, Andy Williams!

The Outstanding Wine of Provenance trophy was won for Hidden Creek Tempranillo across Vintages 2012, 2019 and 2022.

‘Provenance’ awards are bestowed not on a single vintage of a wine, but three – with a suitable gap between vintages demonstrating a capacity to age well and reflect typicity of variety.

Judges look for consistent character, usually imparted to the wine by the vineyard location.

Hidden Creek owner Andrew Corrigan MW:

“Tempranillo is an important variety for Hidden Creek. The variety suits our location and over the years we have put a lot of effort into the vineyard. The judges remarked that all three vintages tasted well and exhibited a consistent style”.

You have to be a Club Member to gain access to the museum release Tempranillo 2012 and 2019, but we are offering a special on our currentTempranillo-Joven 2022and Tempranillo 2023. Bothsignifiy a popular style of Tempranillo that emphasises fragrant red cherry flavours. Enjoy.