About Us


Hidden Creek is situated in the beautiful rugged high altitude hills of Queensland’s Granite Belt at nearly 1000 metres above sea level. Our estate has warm summers and bitterly cold winters. This climate, together with the arid granite rocky soils, draws similar comparisons to high regions close to the Mediterranean.  READ MORE


Our knowledgeable cellar door staff will guide you through an appreciation of Hidden Creek wines ranging from elegant whites, serious reds and the ever-popular and refreshing locally grown Pear Cider. Serious about wine? So are we!  READ MORE


Hidden Creek's first vine was planted back in the late 1980's.

In 2005, Master of Wine Andrew Corrigan formed a consortium of fellow wine lovers to buy the vineyard, with legendary winemaker Jim Barnes at the helm. Andy Williams took over the winemaking in 2016, collecting dozens of awards along the way.

Today, our Cellar Door is run by Jessica Kim. Jess is a Chef and Sommelier by trade, and she hails from the Hunter Valley where she has been working in the wine trade for the last 6 years. A chef by trade, she started as a pastry chef back in Korea. Jess has worked for a two-hatted restaurant in Hunter as a sommelier, she's certified WSET level 3 and a French wine scholar, currently tackling Italian wine scholar! (phew!)

Jess continuously studies wine, and is hoping one day she can get paid to drink wine! (Part owner Andrew Corrigan MW also thinks there's potential as a budding Master of Wine....!)